League Rules

FIBA Modification


  • Can call on the floor.
  • 3 Time-Outs in regulation time.
  • 2 Time-Outs in 2nd half if didn’t call any time-outs in first half.
  • 1 Time-Out each team in over time period, unused time-outs may not be carried over into OT.
  • Can call time-out between free throws.
  • Last 2 mins of the game, if time out is called on the court and live, inbound from the same spot.
  • If the time-out is called at dead ball situation, advance to front court.


  • Penalty at team fouls 8th each half. 2 free throws.

Game Length:

  • Two 20mins half
  • Last 20 seconds in 1st half STOP TIME.
  • Last 2 mins in second half STOP TIME. (within 10 points or 10 points)
  • Last 1 min in second half STOP TIME on made basket!!

Shot Clock:

  • 24 seconds for all tier 1
  • 30 seconds for all other tiers


  • Before 1st free throw or after last free throw made.  (as per FIBA rules)


  • 2 minutes overtime. (Start the overtime with possession arrow.)
  • Last 1 min STOP TIME on dead ball and made basket.
  • If the score still tie after the overtime, we will do jump ball to start 2nd over time.
  • 1st team scores win.


  • Play minimum 2 regular season game (Due to Chinese New Year) to be eligible play playoffs. only for 2019 Winter season.
  • Has to be on the team roster.
  • Final roster must be submitted before Jan 26 2019